Philosophy & Mission statement

The central concern of our company is the needs and challenges of our customers. Through close contact, proximity and an open and partnership-based dialogue, we are able to recognize the needs and fears of our customers and to provide you with high value and resulting value through specific solutions.

Highly qualified and motivated employees, an efficient organization as well as high-quality products and services have led to steady growth since its foundation in 1962. That is why we are able to serve international and global market leaders and to be a regional market leader ourselves. In order to continue to meet the challenges of a dynamic market in the future, we are striving to develop and expand this growth consistently.

We are an independent, medium-sized and forward-looking system supplier with short decision-making processes.


  • OVERVALUE through flexible, customer-oriented thinking and acting with the highest degree of solvency
  • OVERVALUE through top performance in quality, consulting and availability
  • OVERVALUE through customer-specific logistics and service concepts
  • OVERVALUE by process saving
  • OVERVALUE by competent on-site support

Corporate Values

The shared values in our company are the basis for our work and influence our attitudes, beliefs and ideals. We would like to act sustainably and make a lasting contribution to the future of our company.
We stand for a transparent and trusting cooperation with our partners, which is characterized by quality and mutual appreciation. In addition to the operational tasks, our corporate image also forms the framework for our goals.