We offer the complete service around hose lines as a flexible connection to fluid transfer. Our hose assemblies and fittings are exclusively made by famous manufacturers.

Through our large machine park, we have a comprehensive range of services, from cutting to embossing and pressing to cleaning. Our hose assembling takes place in single and serial production.

The hose lines produced meet the applicable DIN, SAE and EN standards and are available in all standard dimensions. The program includes:

  • High and low pressure lines
  • Hydraulic hose lines
  • PTFE- and industrial applications
  • Hose fittings and accessories
Thanks to many years of experience and trained employees in hose line production, a high level of safety and top quality is guaranteed. At the customer's request, a 5% test or various load tests are carried out at the company's own test center, at our hydrostatic test stands or at the impulse test stand, for example.