Hydraulic and pneumatic components

We are your specialist when it comes to proven products and components in hydraulics and pneumatics. Our spectrum of products covers a world-wide range of well-known brand manufacturers. Including the core areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, drive, measurement and control technology.

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  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Pipes
  • Aggregates
  • Valves
  • Ball valves
  • Cylinder
  • Pumps
  • Clutches
  • Filter
  • Components and machines
  • Etc. ...


  • Valve
  • PA/PE/PUR-Pipes
  • Connectors
  • ND-Ball valves
  • Cylinder
  • Components


  • Measuring screw connection
  • Measuring hoses
  • Pressure gauge
  • Measure

Fixing technology

  • Hose and fastening clamps of all kinds

Zinc-nickel surface

What is standard with us, is optional elsewhere

In 2007, EU Directive 2000/53 / EC was amended, prohibiting the use of hexavalent chromium in materials and components of vehicles. This was the end of the previous corrosion protection by yellow chromating. The available alternatives, zinc as a base layer with thick-layer passivation, were far from satisfying the VOSS requirements in their technological properties. They were a deterioration. This was and is not acceptable for us, because VOSS always strives to improve its customer's products and solutions.

The solution: The VOSS zinc-nickel surface. In the relevant properties, it surpasses the yellow chromium plating and inspires especially with a 10-fold higher corrosion protection. In 2007, it was a thrust of innovation for the entire market of hydraulic connecting technology. Three layers, a zinc-nickel base layer, a passivation and a seal, coat the steel to protect it from corrosion. In 2009, we established our own electroplating center, where we produce and perfect our surface ourselves.

Our surface is the market standard for corrosion resistance in all areas and is used by us throughout the entire product range, since 2007. Worldwide with highest availability. This means: maximum process reliability for your application. Unmixed. Sure confusion. For applications in hydraulic presses, in plant construction, in construction and agricultural machines, in conveyor technology as well as in plastic injection and machine tools.

VOSS coat Competence Center

VOSS coat stands for perfection in corrosion protection, where technology, sustainability and people are the focus. VOSS coat is the result of ongoing optimization, for example in the case of friction coefficients, layer thickness distribution and optics. These result from many years of experience in production processes and application at the customer and are driven by our own research and development. Only VOSS unites this entire competence under one roof? We operate our own VOSS coat competence center, including trial galvanic. There we can ensure that our corrosion protection meets your highest standards. For a measurable lead.

Δ plus surface

The initial situation

  • Hitherto, a zinc layer (galvanically applied, thickness 8-12 ?m) with a chromate layer (0.3 ?m)
  • This surface has proved to be optimal for mechanically stressed parts
  • Good corrosion protection, up to 100 h up to the occurrence of white rust (salt spray test according to DIN 50021)
  • The self-healing effect of the chromate layer during an injury is decisive for good corrosion protection: the Cr (VI) ions flow to the injured site and close it
  • This effect can only be achieved with Cr (VI)

The problem

  • The base is the same zinc layer as in yellow chromate
  • Instead of the chromate layer a passivation and additionally a seal is used
  • If the seal is damaged, corrosive problems are the result
  • A self-healing effect as in the case of the Cr (VI) surface does not exist here

The solution

  • The zinc-nickel base layer is many times more corrosion-resistant than zinc.
  • A passivation with subsequent sealing ensures an increased degree of gloss and serves to improve the frictional properties.
  • Zinc-nickel does not form a pronounced white rust, like zinc, but produces only a light gray cloth